Principal Caught With Student While Topless, Smoking Pot? Krista Morton Arrested

Krista Morton was arrested, since police say the high school principal was caught with a student while partially unclothed in a car. The arresting officers also said they smelled marijuana in the air, so they believe it was possible the principal, or the student, had been smoking weed in the vehicle before they arrived.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the only reason the high school principal was caught with the student was because the person who called 911 said they didn’t know “if people were engaged in sexual activity or they were being attacked.”

“An officer knocked on the window of the car and Morton opened the door, telling the officers the two were ‘just friends.’ She said she had picked up the teen on the side of the road because she was lonely and wanted to get to know him, police said. According to the report, Morton’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest.”

When speaking to the police officers, the student admitted that Krista Morton was the high school principal for Mavericks High School in Palm Springs, Florida. Although cops had investigated on the basis of suspected sexual activity, and Morton was found partially topless, the young man was 18-years-old and not considered a minor.

Both Morton and the student were arrested, and she faces charges of marijuana possession since the principal was caught with her student while in the presence of the illegal substance. A small container of marijuana and other paraphernalia was discovered at the scene, although she did not admit to smoking pot.

The Mavericks charter school chain was founded by Frank Biden, brother of Vice President Joe Biden. Lauren Hollander, CEO of the Mavericks In Education management company, called it “a very unfortunate situation.”

“First and foremost is the best interests of the students in the school,” she said, according to the Palm Beach Post. Mavericks High has suspended Morton pending the outcome of the investigation.

It turns out Krista Morton is no stranger to controversy. Before becoming the Mavericks High School principal, she left another charter school in Bradenton, Florida after she was accused of massive institutional failures. The Bradenton Herald reported that the school failed to give students report cards or progress reports, and some seniors discovered they could not graduate right before graduation.

Apparently, this incident ended with employees at the charter school supporting the principal.

“Since the investigation started, the lead administrator at the school, Krista Morton, has left. Eldridge said she has taken ‘a large number’ of staffers with her, but she would not comment further on Morton’s departure.”

Morton spent Wednesday night in jail and was released on Thursday morning.