Chris Brown’s Naked Bedroom Intruder Has Been Proven Sane And Faces Felony Charges

After the news was released that Chris Brown came home for days out of town to find a naked stranger in his bed, the world naturally assumed she was mentally ill. However, it turns out that the naked woman, Amira Ayeb, is an aspiring singer from Tunisia, according to TMZ. It is now believed that the entire incident was a ploy for fame.


Due to Amira’s apparent sanity, police did not hold her on a 5150, as is protocol by the California Welfare and Institutions Code for people who are suspected of having a mental disorder. Instead, she is reportedly held with a $220,000 bond for stalking. The District Attorney’s office has also left out mental illness in their case files, proving Amira Ayeb is not the least bit crazy and is possibly not in love with Chris Brown at all. But what has her publicity stunt caused her?

Amira, coming commonly known on social media as the “naked bedroom stalker,” is being charged with three felonies after breaking into Chris Brown’s California home. According to a news release by the District Attorney’s office, Ayeb is charged with “one felony charge of first-degree residential burglary, stalking and vandalism.” If she is found guilty, “Mrs. Brown, ” as she wrote on Chris Brown’s cars and walls, could face years in state prison. So was it worth it?

Once Amira Ayeb’s “bedroom stalker” story was everywhere in the news, a video went viral on the internet. The video was of Amira, fully dressed, introducing herself and claiming to be looking for real estate in Malibu. If Amira was only using Chris Brown for fame, she definitely got it, but how long it will last is unknown. The aspiring singer has also ruined any chance of a future collaboration with Chris Brown if she ever does make it big, and Chris has recently taken to Instagram to expressed just how upset he is about the intrusion.

ChrisBrownInstagram on stalker

So far, all the details in Ayeb’s case prove that her stalking and burglary crime was premeditated, as she informed friends in Texas that she was going to visit Chris Brown. Amira Ayeb is reportedly due back in court on May 21, at which time she could possibly be found guilty of first-degree residential burglary, vandalizing, and stalking Chris Brown.

See the YouTube video made by Chris Brown’s bedroom stalker.

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