Inmate Sues County For Sexual Harassment By Two Female Wardens Who Lost Their Jobs

Sexual harassment

A prison inmate who had sexual romps on various occasions with two female workers at the prison is now suing the county for sexual harassment. Meanwhile the two female workers have lost their jobs, and one is now herself languishing in jail.

The NY Daily News put it so nicely by saying that it wasn’t just the former jail workers who are getting screwed. Now the county might have to pay up for charges of sexual harassment after the many and various incidents in the supply closet of the Washington County Jail.

The inmate involved is a registered sex offender by the name of Jeng-Li Delgado-Galban, and he is claiming he was sexually violated by the two female wardens during his incarceration at the Washington County Jail.

The 25-year-old now wishes to seek damages to what was apparently multiple romps with the two women (separately) in the supply closet.

The Oregonian quotes the prisoner’s tort claim as saying, “…these actions violated the Eighth Amendment to United States Constitution’s prohibition of sexual harassment and abuse of an inmate by corrections personnel.”

The two female employees involved have both since pleaded guilty to charges related to having sex with the inmate. Jill Curry, 38, was apparently married to a sheriff’s deputy at the time of the sexual romps and was sentenced back in March for four years and two months behind bars. Brett Robinson, 32, appears to have merely lost her employment.

Judge Charles Bailey remarked during Curry’s sentencing that Delgado-Galban “doesn’t deserve the taxpayers’ money. (But) they’re going to have to pay, there’s no doubt in my mind.”

Both women involved claim that Delgado-Galban pursued them sexually and manipulated them into having sex in the supply closet.

Reportedly last year Delgado-Galban also passed a sexually explicit note to a prison nurse, but in that case the nurse reported him for this and didn’t head off to the supply closet like the other two women.

Sexual harassment

Apparently Delgado-Galban is not merely suing for sexual harassment, however, as he also made a point of complaining about the quality of food provided to him in prison.

He said that during April and May he was fed nutraloaf, which is a form of disciplinary food given to prisoners who have misbehaved.

The food apparently contains the essential nutrients required but is so unappetizing to eat that many consider it to be “cruel and unusual punishment.” According to Delgado-Galban, he did nothing to warrant being fed the nutraloaf meals.

It remains to be seen whether he will win his case of sexual harassment against the county, but in the meantime he is still languishing behind bars on four separate offenses.

Delgado-Galban is a registered sex offender and his charges include, rather ironically, sexual harassment, along with second-degree assault, false swearing and the unlawful use of a weapon.

[Image: Delgado-Galban, Washington County Sheriff’s Office – Nutraloaf CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Gallery 400]