The ‘Once Upon A Time’ Secret Finale Scene Is Mindblowing

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season finale of Once Upon A Time]

Last year, Once Upon A Time surprised viewers with a final shot of Queen Elsa. This year, the producers of Once Upon A Time will be doing it again, adding a scene to the Once Upon A Time finale that has been kept secret from fans. This surprise scene will be a little different from that Queen Elsa shot, particularly in the way that it will have lasting repercussions for Once Upon A Time‘s fifth season storyline.

“There is a top-secret scene that I’m shocked hasn’t got out — but there’s still time!” Once Upon A Time co-creator Eddy Kitsis said in an interview. “We’ll absolutely be setting up what Season 5 will be, but unlike last year where it was, ‘Hey, it’s Frozen,’ or the year before which was, ‘Hey, we’re going to Neverland,’ this one will be much more like Season 1 in that it’s a condition of the show that changes and has ramifications for everyone.”

The secret scene will be the finishing touch on a two-hour season finale that explores the history rewrite dictated by Rumplestiltskin and leaves many of Storybrooke’s citizens in extreme role-reversals.

“We feel we owe it to the audience to show what happens when the Author does start to write, and what he can do,” Kitsis said.

It seems it’s time for Once Upon A Time‘s Ginnifer Goodwin to try her hand at wielding the power of an evil queen, while Regina joins the good fight and gets refitted with a pure heart. It remains to be seen where this will leave Once Upon A Time‘s savior, Emma Swan, but it was revealed that Emma is teetering on an edge, where she will be forced to make a sacrifice that will affect her relationship with everyone in Storybrooke.

If that weren’t enough, the season finale of Once Upon A Time will also put Emma in a situation where she will be forced to finally deal with her feelings for her parents.

“We will absolutely be seeing a scene where we resolve how she feels about her parents, be it good or bad,” Kitsis said.

The Once Upon A Time finale will also be a game changer for Henry, putting him in the role of the hero. He’s usually been comfortable watching others save the day, but Kitsis feels Henry’s time to shine has come.

“He plays the role of hero. You’re going to see Henry step up and be called upon to finally be the hero he’s always been reading about and inspiring other people to be… It’s kind of like his bar mitzvah, but magically.”

The Once Upon A Time season finale “Operation: Mongoose” will air May 10 on ABC.

[Featured image: courtesy of Jack Rowand/ABC]