Viral Video: Wily Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Fox Makes A Sandwich

Everyone has probably heard the term “as wily as a fox.” Well there is one such wily critter living in the Chernobyl radiation exclusion zone in Ukraine. In the video we can watch as the fox makes a sandwich of out of bread and cold meats fed to him by Ukrainian public radio journalists.

Due to the danger of being in the Chernobyl radiation zone, animals pretty much have the whole area to themselves and most of them have never even spotted a human being before and have no fear whatsoever.

This particular area of Chernobyl was abandoned by humans after the devastating nuclear disaster in 1986 and now is heavily populated by many wolves, bears and, of course, some rather clever foxes.

When RFE/RL Ukrainian Service journalists made a visit to the area, they came across a fox who had absolutely no fear of humans. He was so unafraid, they decided to feed the fox a few slices of bread and cold meats by hand.

The fox is seen to be enjoying the treats no end, but as the food keeps on coming, we can watch as the fox makes a sandwich, and not just any old sandwich. He ends up with a perfect, five-layer bread and meat sandwich stacked in his jaws, all ready to take away for later consumption. The one thing he did lack was some butter to spread on the slices of bread first.

The Telegraph commented that they thought the poor fox had a rather poor bread to meat ratio going on and could have done with some kind of sauce to liven up his takeout meal, but from all appearances this is one happy fox as he makes a sandwich, probably nothing more than grateful for the tasty treat.

The original video showing as the fox makes a sandwich was released by the Ukrainian branch of Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty and has apparently already racked up over one million views since it was first published on April 28th.

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[Image: Fox makes a sandwich screengrab from RFE/RL video]