U2 Concert Hits New York City Subway, Surprises Everyone

U2 concert surprises New York City subway commuters

A U2 concert in New York City might not be a shock to most. However, commuters in the NYC subway Monday night were treated to an impromptu rehearsal.

After 24 sold-out concerts, the Irish rock band added a Denver tour date to their 2015 lineup, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Nobody expected them to break out in a concert right under the big apple as well.

Bono and the boys have an upcoming performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night. They apparently decided that instead of rehearsing in private, they would go ahead and give the Grand Central Station subway stop commuters a surprise they would not soon forget.

It wasn’t an extensive lineup of songs. With their vast and varied library from “Where the Streets Have No Name” to the controversially different “Discotheque,” the band only had time for three songs. Citizens with some time on their hands (and some with video recording abilities) stopped by to record the Irish rock band as they performed a couple of recent hits and a brand new song.

The lineup of songs on the unscheduled U2 concert in New York City were “Beautiful Day,” “Angel of Harlem,” and the new single “Song for Someone.” It’s unknown which song will be featured on Jimmy Fallon’s show Friday night, though if they’re promoting their latest album Songs of Innocence, it will likely be the newest.

After the 2014 snafu that saw Bono suffering a serious bicycle injury and having to cancel several tour dates, and the iTunes incident involving a bunch of account owners getting a copy of the album whether they wanted it or not, this was a welcome surprise.

It is unknown whether U2’s record label will allow unauthorized videos of their surprise concert to hit YouTube, but if you were in the NYC subway on Monday night, you got to see it in person.

Does the unscheduled U2 concert in New York City make up for their mishaps from the previous year?

[Image via Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images]