Romario Dos Santos Alves: Bodybuilder Injects Synthol In Arms, Regrets Short Cut

Bodybuilder injects arms

It was a dream of his to have a bodybuilder’s form, but Romario Dos Santos regrets cutting corners by injecting synthol in his arms. The ex-bodyguard, whose arms turned to a rock-like appearance after using synthetic oil, thought he’d resemble his idol, Marvel’s Incredible Hulk. Instead, Romario scared children and nearly lost his arms — and his life, according to a Daily Mail report.

The Caldas Novas resident, 25, recently spoke about his life-changing — and threatening — journey of trying to build the body of a professional muscle-bound man. Dos Santos spoke about achieving the results beyond what he imagined. But when he was referred to by others as a “beast” and “monster,” Romario realized that things had backfired, that he was not lauded by others for his transformation like he thought. And when the fake muscles began to cause unbearable pain and hospitalizations, the regrets set in.

Santos shared details on what led him to take a shortcut to getting gains in muscle mass. He said the change began about three years ago.

“I saw some really big guys in the gym with huge arms and I started to make friends with them. They introduced me to Synthol and I got excited about the results – I lost control.”

“My muscles started to solidify and I couldn’t even inject my arms – they were full of rocks. I decided the only thing I could do was buy specialist needles to inject. The kind of needles used on bulls – there are no stronger needles around – I know it seems stupid but I had to get my Synthol fix.”

The would-be bodybuilder was informed by doctors that he would die unless his arms were amputated. Dos Santos, who suffered from depression after the synthol caused public mockery and physical ailments, later received good news. Doctors said further tests showed Romario would not lose his arms after all, but the injections should stop.

According to previous coverage from Inquisitr, serious side effects can result in the use of this oil. Studies show that users are susceptible to suffering strokes, heart attacks, ulcers and oil embolisms. And in addition to the deformity that results from injecting oil blends into muscle tissue for the purpose of building mass, death can result from overuse or the manner of administration. Due to this disturbing trend among bodybuilders, there are other Romario Dos Santos out there.

[Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images]