Swimsuits For All Uses Ashley Graham To Say 'All Bodies Are #BeachBodyReady'


As summer nears and people try to get their beach bodies in shape, bathing suit company Swimsuits For All has released a new advertisement that is turning quite a few heads.

Plus-sized model Ashley Graham is pictured on the Swimsuits For All poster with the tagline, "Are you ready for this beach body?" The 27-year-old model is pictured in a two-piece black bikini with the hashtag #CurvesinBikinis.

"Are you ready for this beach body? We are. All bodies are #BeachBodyReady," tweeted the retailer for swimsuits for curvy women.

— swimsuitsforall (@swimsuitsforall) April 29, 2015

According to People, the Swimsuits For All "image features the same text and color treatment as the controversial Protein World beach body signage in the United Kingdom, which has received backlash from body image crusaders."

— Miss Tofelees (@HypomanicP) May 1, 2015

Graham, who has long been a proponent for body love and acceptance, posted the Swimsuits For All picture on her Instagram, captioning it "There's no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt!"

Graham's campaign for Swimsuits For All was even featured in Sports Illustrated, marking her as the first plus sized model to be featured in the magazine.

— Alisha Magic (@alishamagic) February 5, 2015

So, how are people reacting to the Swimsuits For All beach body movement?

Many are showing their support saying, "Way to go!" and sharing how the campaign is so "inspiring."

— BEYOND YOGA (@BeyondYoga) April 30, 2015

— DPConsulting (@DPEnvConsulting) April 30, 2015

[Photo Courtesy of Popsugar]