June 29, 2017
Survey Monkey CEO Dave Goldberg's Death Deemed An Accident

It seems earlier reports of foul play in relation to the Survey Monkey CEO, Dave Goldberg, are incorrect. According to reports just in from Reuters and ABC, the death of Dave Goldberg has been classified "accidental." Goldberg was reported as exercising on a treadmill when he fell and hit his head. Bloomberg has listed his cause of death as "head trauma and hypovolemic shock" as a result of this accident.

A spokesman for the local state prosecutor's office announced the Survey Monkey CEO was found by his brother and after a 3 cm gash and signs of life were observed, Goldberg was rushed to San Javier Hospital in Nuevo Vallarta where he later died on May 1.

According to ABC, Mexican authorities will not be not be opening a criminal investigation after autopsy results deemed Goldberg's death an accident and showed no signs of violence.

Reportedly, Dave Goldberg, 47, who is married to Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, had been staying with family and friends at The Four Seasons hotel at Punta Mita in Mexico. The Four Seasons hotel has since issued a statement declaring the Survey Monkey CEO had not been present and the accident had not occurred there.

As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, tributes for the Survey Monkey executive have been pouring in. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg offered his condolences as a tribute page was set up to celebrate the life of Dave Goldberg.

"Dave Goldberg was an amazing person and I am glad I got to know him... My thoughts and prayers are with Sheryl and her family."
Dave Goldberg graduated from Harvard in 1989 and joined Survey Monkey after a successful digital career that included founding -- and selling to Yahoo! -- Launch Media in 2001, during the dot-com bust. In 2009, Goldberg joined Survey Monkey. At the time, it was a small online company that helped businesses and organizations create surveys and polls. Survey Monkey has recently been valued at $2 billion, and that has been credited to the dedication and hard work of Dave Goldberg.

Dave Goldberg's funeral and memorial service is reported to be held on Tuesday at Stanford University after his body was flown back to the U.S. on Saturday.

The Inquisitr offers their sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Dave Goldberg after their tragic loss. The digital world will sorely miss the creative genius of the CEO of Survey Monkey.

[Image credit: Bloomberg. Photographer: David Paul Morris]