NSW Shark Attack: Surfer Fights Off Bull Shark, Suffering ‘Serious’ Bite

An Australian surfer has suffered a serious bite wound after fending off a bull shark, which attacked him in muddy water at an isolated and unpatrolled beach along the New South Wales coast.

The attack took place at Old Bar beach near Taree, transpiring around 3 p.m. local time on Sunday, according to AOL News. The 46-year-old surfer, who has not been identified at this time, was paddling roughly 60 meters offshore when the bull shark struck, latching on to his left arm. As the Daily Telegraph notes, the man was able to fight back against the shark, lashing out and striking its head, lacerating his right hand in the process.

The bull shark released the surfer who was then able to make his way back to shore. He was taken to Manning Base Hospital where he was treated for a non-life threatening yet serious bite to his upper left arm and was reported to be in stable condition. Surf Life Saving NSW Duty Officer Darren Jameson noted online that New South Wales police alerted lifeguards to the attack, which took place less than seven months after a similar incident at nearby Wallabi Point.

Considered one of the “big three” shark species that are known to attack humans, bull sharks can grow to 11 feet in length. Unique among other species of shark, they are capable of tolerating and surviving in fresh water, leading them to travel into waterways where other predators, like tiger and great white sharks, cannot go. As the Inquisitr has previously reported, they have even been found in the Ohio River.

The incident took place in water that had been muddied by recent rains, a known contributing factor to many shark attacks. Last year, a spate of tiger shark attacks took place in Hawaii following the passage of a massive storm system, which stirred up underwater sediment and impeded the sharks’ ability to sense prey.

More recently, a bull shark alarmed Florida residents when it was filmed swimming along a backyard in Bonita Beach. Local fishermen were blamed for attracting the sharks, which have been documented multiple times in the region recently, though no attacks have been reported as a result.

[Image via Sky News]