WWE News: Mark Henry Thinks That Roman Reigns Lacks The Confidence Of A Main-Event-Level Superstar

Roman Reigns has received a good deal of criticism by the WWE fans over the past couple of months due to his inorganic ascension to the main-event of WrestleMania. For now, that criticism has gone away, mostly due to his performances at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules. Also, it helps that Seth Rollins is WWE’s top man instead of Reigns.

Mark Henry is someone who knows just how hard it is to not only get to the top, but stay at the top of WWE. Early in Henry’s career, he was mostly a middle-of-the-card comedy character who many thought had the potential to be a main-eventer, but after so many years of him never getting there, fans started to see him as just a mid-card guy. That all changed in September of 2011, when Henry completely changed his character, got the fans to buy into him being a main-event-level superstar, and as a result, he won the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in his career. It took him nearly 15 years to get to the top, but he got there nevertheless.

One thing that Reigns and Henry have in common is that WWE saw them both as main-eventers when they brought them in. So, Henry knows the pressure that Reigns is under to not be thought of as a bust, and in an interview with the Miami Herald, Henry explained that Reigns is lacking the confidence of a true main-event superstar, and once he gets that confidence, the sky is the limit for him.

“I think Roman has a really high ceiling. I don’t think he completely believes in himself yet. Once you get off autopilot and you believe in you and what you are and what your skill set is… He is going to be a World Champion.”

There’s a chance that Reigns could win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this month’s Payback pay-per-view where he takes on both Randy Orton and Seth Rollins in a triple-threat match. However, Rollins is the favorite to retain the title. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer believes that it’s a horrible idea to put Reigns in another title match if he’s going to come up short, pointing out that an up-and-coming superstar like Reigns can only fail so many times before the people completely give up on him.

WWE is still completely behind the idea of Roman Reigns being their next John Cena, and, at some point, he will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and who knows, maybe that time will come on May 17 at the Payback pay-per-view.

[Image via WWE]