Richard Gere Divorce Back In Court As Actor Talks About Being Homeless In Latest Film

Richard Gere's divorce case is heating up. The actor and his ex-wife went to court for their latest hearing on Friday, according to Daily Mail Online. Richard Gere and Carey Lowell were polite in court during these latest proceedings, but most of the action took place behind closed doors with the judge.

Gere is in danger of losing millions in this divorce case. Lowell wants half of the money he earned during their 11-year-long marriage. According to News Oxy, the divorce fight over his earnings is causing a major issue in these proceedings. A source revealed to Fox News that the couple split because they live differently. Gere wants to spend his time meditating at home and wants privacy. Carey Lowell likes to party.

Lowell wants at least $100 million in the divorce. A source spoke out about Lowell's case.

"She wanted to stay married and keep their family together, but when Richard didn't, she decided to take him to the cleaners."
The source also revealed that the proceedings are getting "ugly" because Gere is not willing to part with any of his earnings. Lowell's attorney revealed to the media as he left the courthouse that the issue is " all about money" now, according to New York Daily News.

Gere and Lowell split in September 2013, and the couple share a 15-year-old son named Homer. The couple reached an agreement over the teen's custody soon after the divorce papers were filed, but the details of that agreement have not been released to the public.

During the Friday proceedings, it was reported that both Gere and his ex-wife were cordial. When Gere did misunderstood the judge, it was Lowell that called his attention to the matter at hand. At the end of the proceedings, Lowell exited through the front of the courtroom.

Gere left through a rear exit, and it is also being reported that the actor flirted with a reporter in the elevator. This behavior is a far cry from his behavior during the October court proceedings in this case. At those proceedings, he jabbed his umbrella at the press waiting outside before he "stormed" into the courtroom. Inside, it was reported that he sulked when Lowell ignored him.

Richard Gere has not only focused on his divorce from Lowell. On Saturday, the actor sat down with Stephen Colbert for a Q&A at the Montclair Film Festival. His latest film, Time Out Of Mind, had a screening at the event later that day.

In the film, Gere plays a homeless man. A previous Inquisitr report even revealed that the actor tried panhandling to get into character. He earned less than two dollars in 40 minutes.

Gere shared about his experience making the film with Colbert, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"I'm the same guy whether I put on a homeless haircut or homeless clothes, I'm the same guy. So I don't know how many thousands of people here are walking by [me] as that guy and pay no attention. If I had a tuxedo on and was on a red carpet it's a totally new experience. It's the nature of the surface of our experience anyhow that can't be trusted. The surface is not reliable for any of us. Our eyes are lying to us. We're only seeing our own mind. So all the prejudices, experiences, things in the catalog, we make the initial fresh event fit the category descriptions in our head. We don't have an experience of the world. We have an experience of our experiences. This is all a virtual world. The whole thing is virtual, based on our own brain."
Time Out Of Mind has been seen at several film festivals in recent months, and it will be officially released to theaters on September 11.

According to Entertainment Weekly, another Gere film, titled Franny, has been picked up for U.S. distribution. That film co-stars Dakota Fanning and Theo James.

What do you think of Lowell's $100 million claim in her divorce from Richard Gere?

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