Carrie Ann Inaba Talks Noah Galloway And Sharna Burgess’ Breakthrough On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess have been consistent performers this season on Dancing With the Stars, but it wasn’t until last Monday’s “Eras’ Night” that the pair had a breakthrough. The 70s-inspired performance earned a total judges’ score of 36/40. The day after, some outlets, such as Entertainment Weekly, termed the choreography “lacking” and “uninspired,” but said Galloway is so “lovable,” audiences root for him.

Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the DWTS judges who gave Galloway and Burgess those high scores, explained why in her Parade blog. The performance simply came together in a brilliant way and was not diminished by the surrounding theatrics, according to Inaba.

“[T]he brilliance of that performance was not only did Noah pull off the character and attitude of the dance, but he performed every step with perfection. And out of all the performances last night, I believe this performance came together in the best way.”

Inaba ranked it as one of the best performances of the night and said it was a standout dance that Dancing With the Stars fans will long remember.

“This performance came together perfectly… This was one of those moments. I believe we will all remember this performance for a long time. I always say, in order to get a 10, there has to be a little magic. This performance had that special magic.”

Sharna Burgess revealed on her Closer blog that the personality of the dance is usually most difficult for Noah. She expressed pride in his ability to come through for the performance.

“The hardest part of this past week was Noah channeling his ’70s character and radiating his personality during the dance… [H]e always pulls through and performs above and beyond what is expected.”

Monday night is America’s Choice, and Noah and Sharna are tasked with the tango. They will also do a trio dance with Emma Slater, who left the competition earlier this season when she and partner Redfoo were eliminated.

Dancing With the Stars fans who are not content with just one show a week are in for a treat. Starting this week, the show will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. There will be a double elimination on Tuesday, leaving the show with four remaining couples as Dancing With the Stars heads towards the semi-finals.

[Images: Getty/ABC]