‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Clips Show Fight And Anna Kendrick’s Flight From Barden Bellas

Pitch Perfect 2’s Barden Bellas say goodbye to Anna Kendrick in a new clip that just surfaced on the web. Another clip shows Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, and the rest of the Bellas facing off against their new nemesis in this film. Both clips do the Barden Bellas justice and illustrate just why Pitch Perfect 2 is set to hit just the right tone when it comes to theaters next month.

The first Pitch Perfect 2 clip sets a more somber tone as the group is sitting around the campfire talking about the end of the road. Characters like Anna Kendrick’s Beca are about to graduate college and the reality of that has set in with a sad version of “Cups.” While the movie is supposed to be a kind of goofy sendup of those college Acapella groups, there is also a number of real friendships forged in the two films and it’s always nice to see the characters not constantly going over the top.

The second clip is the Pitch Perfect 2 stars going over the top in only the way they can and still be intensely funny. As ScreenCrush points out, the group is expanding its ambitions by taking on a world singing competition. The Bellas run into one of their top competitors in a German group that finishes their rehearsal and then has plenty of time to diss the Barden ladies. Beca is called an elf, then a troll, and can only respond with “you’re physically flawless, but that doesn’t mean I like you.”

An ensemble cast that includes actresses like Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, and a growing list of young stars is what has made Pitch Perfect 2 a movie that fans of the first film wait for breathlessly. The fact that Elizabeth Banks is directing is helping to pull people in as well. It’s not every day someone like Banks, who is obviously best known for her work in front of the camera, takes a role behind it. As ET Online points out, this film is actually the first major motion picture the Hunger Games star has directed.

The real question now is whether or not the picture can capture the same popularity that the original film was able to do. The entire returning cast will certainly help as well as additions like Katey Sagal and Steinfeld. Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters on May 15.

[Photo courtesy Kevin Winter/Getty Images]