Rebel Wilson Promotes ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ Says People Often Mistake Her For Adele

Rebel Wilson is busy promoting Pitch Perfect 2, which is due in theaters on May 15. According to Mail Online, the actress was in London today doing press, talking about the new film and her life in the spotlight. In typical Rebel fashion, the actress had plenty to say, and she was quite funny and charming.

At one point, she said that she often gets mistaken for British singer Adele.

“Sometimes I get confused for Adele. And I’m like are you kidding me? Are you serious she’s like well better,” Rebel said.

Rebel Wilson, 29, stars alongside Anna Kendrick as the Barden Bellas take their acapella group international and partake in a competition that has never been won by an American group. The Bellas pull out all the stops in the competition, and we’re guessing they totally “crush it.”

If you saw the original Pitch Perfect, you probably know that Rebel has a pretty decent singing voice, and while she may not look the part, she really makes the movie worth seeing.

She has been really pumped about Pitch Perfect 2, and it’s obvious that making these movies have been a lot of fun for her.

“I love musical theater. In high school I was in productions of ‘Grease’ and ‘Fiddler On The Roof.’ I just loved singing all the time in boarding school. I would just sing, sing, sing and drive the other girls crazy but I wasn’t formally trained. I always thought if I wasn’t a professional actress I would go on ‘X Factor’ or ‘Pop Idol’ and I would crush it. But now that I’m in movies I don’t need to go down that path.”

Rebel Wilson covers the new issue of Entertainment Weekly in which she talked about some of the challenges filming Pitch Perfect 2, and how excited she is for the film’s highly-anticipated release. By now, everyone has seen the trailer that shows Fat Amy hanging upside down on stage, something that wasn’t super easy for Rebel to film. Why? Because she’s afraid of heights. She recently talked about her plan to get the scene done.

“Here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll do it three times—that’s it. I won’t look scared in the takes and I’ll crush it.’ I was proud that I pulled it off, and it’s such a good opening.”

Her efforts were totally worth it, however, as the opening of the film will be one of the funniest scenes.

Rebel Wilson wasn’t the only actress who faced some challenging times while filming. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brittany Snow actually hurt her back while twerking during what she calls her “favorite scene.” Hopefully, a little pain will pay off for these actors.

Are you excited to see Pitch Perfect 2? Do you think it will be as good as the first film?

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images]