Waitress Gets $2,000 Tip, Customer’s Reason Is Unbelievable

A 19-year-old Arkansas waitress was stunned when she received a $2,000 tip on a $278 check in the middle of her lunch shift.

According to ABC News, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith student Loran Lopez is only a part-time waitress at a restaurant called Logan’s Roadhouse, but brought home an unexpectedly huge tip from a regular customer. Lopez claims the woman who left the $2,000 tip came in with one of her friends and sat down for lunch.

“I’ve seen her in there before but I’ve never spoken to her,” Loran Lopez said. “I’ve always heard about her tipping well, but I’ve never experienced it myself until this time.”

Loran did nothing out of the ordinary for the generous customer and treated her the same as she treats everyone else. While she might have been expected a decent tip, she was never prepared for something as big as a $2,000 tip.

“She gave me the receipt, and I didn’t look at it,” said Lopez. “I finished serving her and walked to the computer to put my tip in.”

That’s when Loran set eyes on the receipt. And there was the $2,000 tip on a bill of only $278. That’s a tip of 719.42 percent.

“I couldn’t talk for a good two minutes,” Lopez said. “I sat there and started at it. I couldn’t believe what happened.”

Unlike some instances where customers leave generous (or meager) tips and disappear from the cafe before the server can speak to them, Loran’s customer was still available to be thanked. The most amazing thing is that the customer didn’t have a particular reason for leaving a $2,000 tip. She simply believes servers deserve to make more money.

“I thanked her a million times. She said, ‘I know I don’t have to tip, there’s no gun pointing at my head, it’s something that I want to do for people.’ She used to be a waitress, too, so she just likes to give back.”

But the customer wasn’t done with her generous tips. In addition to the $2,000 tip she gave to Loran Lopez, she also left the bartender $700, and the cook $100, according to News On 6.

Loran continued to gush about how grateful she was for the $2,000 tip, especially since she’s only working part time while in school.

“I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor, and my heart stopped,” she said. “I had so many rough nights here lately, and then she did that. I’m forever grateful for it too!”

[Image credit ABC]