‘Big Bang Theory’ Finale: Amy Gives Sheldon An Ultimatum

The Big Bang Theory producer Steven Molaro teased several days ago that this season will end with a “huge” cliffhanger. Major relationship changes are in store for Leonard and Penny, as well as Sheldon and Amy. Now Molaro has given more details to TV Line, laying out the conflict that may forever shift the dynamics of the group.

“[Amy is] fed up with how slow [her and Sheldon’s] relationship is progressing over the past five years. So she puts him up against a wall and says, ‘What are we doing?’ “

Sheldon’s apparent response is to push Leonard and Penny, who got engaged last season, to set a wedding date.

There was earlier speculation that the “relationship changes” teased by the CBS synopsis of the Big Bang Theory season finale would actually draw Sheldon and Amy closer and not drive them further apart. As fans of the show are well aware, despite their obvious bond, Sheldon and Amy’s relationship lacks physical contact, and its terms are based on a legal contract.

Even if Amy and Sheldon do call it quits, at least for a short period of time, there’s no indication Amy will exit the group. Molaro told Entertainment Tonight that there are plans to further explore Amy’s relationship with Sheldon’s mother, but not this season. The scientists’ relationships with the women who reared them has long been a running theme on the show.

That particular theme is explored on Thursday night’s episode. It features another landmark for The Big Bang Theory, when Leonard and Sheldon’s mothers meet for the first time.

Mary Cooper and Beverly Hofstadter have ideological conflicts but seem to agree when it comes to their sons: they dote on one, less so the other. Sheldon’s mother has a special place in his life, and Leonard’s mother is equally impressed by him. It gives rise to interesting interactions, as Molaro told Entertainment Weekly.

“This is the first time their moms meet in the flesh. They are very different women. It is as explosive as you might think it would be.

You’ve got a dynamic where Sheldon’s mom loves her Shelly and Leonard’s mom is also quite fond of Sheldon, so you’ve got two moms spending a lot of time doting on Sheldon and really no one paying that much attention to Leonard, so that’s where the friction between the boys starts.”

Thursday’s episode is the 23rd of the season and the last before the finale. That finale airs on May 7.

[Image: Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons as Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory/ CBS]