‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season Finale: Sheldon Pushes For Relationship Changes

Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory has been full of changes for the characters. Penny started a new job as a pharmaceutical rep, a job that she decided to stick with during last week’s episode, “The Communication Deterioration,” after momentarily considering a return to acting. Sheldon and Amy said the words, “I love you,” and had an overnight date in a living-room fort. Howard met his long-lost brother and mourned the loss of his mother.

There may be more changes in store on the season finale, “The Commitment Determination,” set for May 7. A CBS press release revealed the show’s synopsis, which singles out Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy for some big moves.

“Sheldon (Jim Parsons) pushes Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) to choose a date for their wedding and deals with dramatic changes in his own relationship with Amy (Mayim Bialik).”

While it may come as a surprise that Sheldon would push Leonard and Penny to set a wedding date, the mention of Sheldon and Amy’s “changes” is also quite interesting. CarterMatt suggested it could refer to a more physical relationship, a co-habitation or even an engagement.

When The Big Bang Theory cast went through contract negotiations last year, it was revealed that the show was renewed through Season 10. That means that there are at least two more years of storylines, which could include at least two more marriages — Leonard and Penny plus Sheldon and Amy — and perhaps some moving house.

There are several potential plot lines for the next two years, such as learning more about Howard’s half-brother who mysteriously appeared and then left. Big Bang Theory producers have noted that the death of Howard’s mother, written into the script after the untimely passing of Carol Ann Susi, who played Mrs. Wolowitz, might lead to the introduction of Howard’s father, from whom he is estranged.

CarterMatt also noted how Raj’s love interest this season, the red-haired Emily, has basically disappeared from the program. It is unclear whether he is still seeing her or whether she’ll make another appearance before the end of the season. Laura Spencer, the actor who plays Emily, has been keeping busy on another television program, Bones on Fox.

Raj seems to have a prominent storyline in this Thursday’s new episode, “The Graduation Transmission.” As the preview clip shows, his wealthy father cuts him off.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m.

[Photo courtesy of The Big Bang Theory/CBS]