Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff’s Relationship In Trouble? ‘Bachelor’ Stars Face Break-Up Rumors

Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff got engaged in the season finale of ABC’s The Bachelor, and until recently they’ve seemed to be in love and planning for the future. Though Chris has been in Los Angeles for the past couple of months, typically Bischoff has been right by Soules’ side. Her decision to head back to Chicago this week, however, has many buzzing about possible relationship troubles and perhaps even a split. What’s the latest?

Just a week ago, both Chris and Whitney were posting to social media about one another in honor of “National Lovers Day.” In a matter of just a few days, though, tabloids and Bachelor fans have started buzzing about possible trouble in paradise. So far, though, neither Soules nor Bischoff have confirmed that there’s any real trouble brewing. Not long ago, the two were talking about a future together that included a wedding and babies, so fans aren’t so sure there’s any reason to worry.

While Chris remains in Los Angeles for now, Whitney Bischoff has embraced the opportunity to head back home. She posted a photo on Instagram showing her back at her job, and the fact that she’s in scrubs got many Bachelor fans buzzing. Though Bischoff recently changed positions with the fertility clinic to take on an opportunity that allows her to work remotely, seeing her back in scrubs again concerned fans that perhaps she was back to her old position.

Another Instagram photo from Whitney earlier in the week praised Chris and she shared some scoop on what she’s doing in the days ahead. Bischoff said she’s headed back to the clinic to work on some exciting projects, plus she’ll be attending the Kentucky Derby. Whitney also mentioned picking up her puppy and she said she’s a happy, but busy, lady.

The break-up rumors intensified when Soules told Glamour this week that as the dance competition heats up leading into the final weeks, he has very little time for Whitney. He added that since she was missing family and friends, she headed back to Chicago for a bit. He added that he’s sure she’ll be back in the audience to support him in a couple of weeks if he’s still dancing.

At this point, many Bachelor fans would say it’s easy to see why some are buzzing about potential issues in Chris and Whitney’s relationship. It’s too soon to know if there indeed are issues, as for now the two indicate that they’re still together.

Will Chris and Whitney stick together until the dancing is done and then focus on a life together in Iowa? Or is there trouble in paradise already for this Bachelor couple? Stay tuned for more about Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff as things progress.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]