Google Tweaking Its Search Results Pages

Google is making some changes to its search results pages. The G-Team announced two sets of tweaks this morning: expanded “related searches” lists and longer search result descriptions.

Associated Search

The first change is designed to provide better “related searches” at the bottom of your search page. Google describes it as a “new technology that can better understand associations and concepts related to your search.” The system, engineers say, will recognize a greater number of queries and languages and deliver more relevant terms.

Google Related Search

Longer Descriptions

The second change simply extends the excerpt quoted under each result in certain circumstances. Basically, Google will show longer snippets for longer search terms: If you enter a four-word search term, for example, Google will add extra lines onto the snippets to give you a more detailed view of the various pages.

Google Search Results

Exciting? Not exactly. But one of the changes could theoretically come in handy at some point, I guess. Maybe.