Michael Jackson Lives On Through New Brand Partnership

Amidst the recent turmoil and molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, fans and supporters received some welcoming news about the King of Pop this week. Authentic Brands Group, LLC (ABG), recently announced a partnership with the Michael Jackson™ brand that will help keep the singer’s legacy alive.

PR Newswire reports that ABG, a global company that creates celebrity, fashion, sports, entertainment, and media brands, will represent the Estate of Michael Jackson via consumer products and endorsements. Jamie Salter, Chairman and CEO of ABG, states that the Michael Jackson™ joins a host of other celebrities.

“We are truly honored to welcome the King of Pop to Authentic Brands Group. Michael Jackson™ joins ABG’s star-studded roster that includes Muhammad Ali™, Elvis Presley™, and Marilyn Monroe™. We are excited to tap into the essence of this innovator and amplify the DNA of this legendary entertainer.”

John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of Jackson’s estate, agree. They feel that ABG’s successful past indicates how well it can continue to keep Jackson’s legacy alive.

“With a proven track record in transforming icons into global entities, we are confident that ABG will help us take the Michael Jackson brand to the next level.”

Yet, it seems as though Jackson’s legacy will continue to live on regardless. Recently, as numerous protesters rioted the streets of Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, a Jackson impersonator, Dimitri Reeves, reminds of just how much of an impact the “Thriller” singer left on society.

Reeves danced to songs such as “Beat It” and “Man in the Mirror” among a busy street of rioters, in hopes that his positive vibes and “channeling of the King of Pop” will bring some light in such a destitute situation.

What can fans expect from ABG’s new partnership with Jackson’s estate? Although it’s not quite certain what the products and endorsements entail yet, President and CMO of ABG, Nick Woodhouse, says that the company will follow a proven formula that will not only keep Jackson’s legacy alive, but extend it even further.

“As a visionary solo artist, Michael Jackson redefined the art of entertainment. We have great things in-store for the brand and will take a page out of ABG’s Celebrity, Media, and Entertainment playbook to build global strategic partnerships that will extend Michael Jackson’s tremendous legacy.”

Meanwhile, Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, vow to keep their father’s legacy alive as well. The youngest child, Blanket, 13, following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson, wants to help protect the planet and animals, two causes that were always special to his father.

[Photo Courtesy of Phil Walter/Getty Images]