Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Port Charles Gathers For Taggert's Memorial & Trina Confronts Curtis

Tuesday will bring an emotional episode of General Hospital as spoilers indicate that people will be gathering to say goodbye to Taggert. It is far too soon for anybody to have started doing much in the way of healing and it seems that Trina will be unable to hold back when she sees Curtis at the memorial.

Viewers are still hoping that Taggert isn't really dead, but for now, it looks like fans should move forward assuming the worst. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for the March 10 show indicate that many of the people who were connected to Taggert will meet to pay their respects.

In addition to Trina, Jordan, and Curtis being at the gathering, it appears that Elizabeth, Laura, Mac, and Cameron will be there to lend their support as well. In fact, Soap Central mentions that Mac will be welcoming guests for something this week, and it seems likely that's referencing this gathering at the Floating Rib that he probably organized.

When Taggert went after Trina and Cameron when they were kidnapped, he called Curtis for help. While Curtis, and later Jason, were able to ensure that Trina and Cameron were rescued and unharmed, Taggert wasn't so lucky. Trina gave Curtis an intense glare at General Hospital after finding out her father had died, and during the memorial, she will take things one step further.

General Hospital spoilers share that Trina will angrily tell Curtis that he is the reason her father is dead. It looks as if Curtis may take what Trina is dishing out rather than try to make excuses or convince her otherwise, and he is probably blaming himself for this to an extent as well.

Some fans have been speculating that there still may be more to this Trina and Curtis dynamic that would turn things upside down. Months ago, people started wondering if Trina would turn out to be a daughter that Curtis never knew he had. The show certainly seemed to be heading in that direction, but then everybody was thrown a curveball with having Taggert be the teen's dad.

At the moment, it's not known how that potential twist with Curtis and Trina would be explained. However, viewers haven't seen much of Trina's mom Portia yet so there could be a connection there.

It could be that perhaps Portia knew Curtis years ago, or maybe Portia and Taggert adopted Trina. That may not end up being the case, but fans have theorized that the current status of having Trina so angry at Curtis certainly could be a bit of foreshadowing that the two will ultimately have to forge a father-daughter relationship with one another.

Regardless of whether or not there's a biological twist on the way involving Trina and Curtis, General Hospital spoilers signal that Tuesday's show will be a heartbreaking one. Fans were thrilled to have Taggert back in Port Charles after almost two decades away and nobody is ready to say goodbye to him, on-screen or off.