Why Michelle Keegan, The World’s Sexiest Woman, Is Banning Cell Phones From Her Wedding

Michelle Keegan was just named the “Sexiest Woman in the World” by FHM. Since then, the world has become captivated by this stunning young star. Not only did Michelle Keegan earn the number one spot in FHM‘s rating of 100 beautiful celebrities, she’s also weeks away from her special day, according to Hollywood Life. But Keegan’s fans might be confused to learn that all cell phones and mobile devices will be strictly prohibited from the guests of her wedding.

The wedding of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright is set to be the biggest celebrity wedding of the year and the most heavily publicized marriage since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Because of her sudden spike in fame, Michelle Keegan is using her wedding as a business opportunity.

According to the Mirror, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have signed a deal with the magazine Hello to publish exclusive photos of their huge celebration. This means that Hello expects to have the sole rights to any photography taken of Keegan’s celebration. So banning cell phones is not just a smart move to avoid ringtones interrupting the service, it is also to keep a storm of cell phone photos from guests who grab shots from the audience from circulating the net.

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“Mark and Michelle have been very firm with guests at their wedding – under no circumstances are they allowed to take photos during the day,” said a source close to Michelle Keegan. “It’s paramount that the first pics appear in all their glossy glory in the mag.”

Michelle Keegan’s deal with Hello reportedly involves big dollars, so it’s not surprising that she would go to great lengths to enforce the ban on electronic devices. Especially since much of Michelle Keegan’s fame has come about through social media and online photo sharing. The everyday lives of the two love birds have been heavily documented on Instagram and Twitter and circulated throughout the web. But when it comes to their wedding, Keegan and Wright want to maintain complete control over who sees the photos and how they are distributed.

One special event that wasn’t documented by Hello was Michelle Keegan’s “hen party,” or bachelorette party. According to the Daily Mail, Michelle was recently spotted returning from Dubai after a tiring trip with 27 of her closest friends. She showed up at the airport looking disheveled but very tan and very happy.

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