'GTA 5' New Easter Egg Found Gay Tony Prince And Luis Lopez Possibly Hiding In Los Santos

Jovi Figueroa

Grand Theft Auto 5(GTA 5) is a huge, free-roam world with countless hidden gems and Easter Eggs tucked into every corner. The list of discoverable Easter Eggs in GTA 5 goes on, but one particular Easter Egg that was recently discovered in-game caught the attention of GTA players.

Youtube user MrBossFTW recently published a GTA 5 gameplay showing an Easter Egg that involves the characters Gay Tony Prince and Luis Lopez from GTA 4. During the gameplay, MrBossFTW says that he believes the first person to have found the Easter Egg is his friend and another Youtube user ZacCoxTV.

IB Times lists how to find the Gay Tony and Luis Lopez Easter Egg in GTA 5.

"Go into Jimmy's room inside Michael De Santa's house and look right underneath the wall-mounted TV set and you will see a bunch of magazines strewn around. One of the magazine covers clearly depicts the photo of Luis Lopez with the title 'Residue', which also mentions Tony Prince and his night club."

Tony Prince and Luis Lopez are characters from The Ballad of Gay Tony, a DLC installment for GTA 4 featuring Russian mafia guy Niko Bellic. Looking back, Tony Prince is the owner of a night club in GTA 4 named Bahama Mamas, while Luis Lopez is his hitman-slash-business partner. At the end of the GTA 4 DLC, Tony Prince hinted that he wanted to move to the west coast and Los Santos just might be the west he was talking about.

Latin Timesspeculated if Rockstar planted the Gay Tony and Luis Lopez Easter Egg in GTA 5 as a precursor to a future appearance of the duo, but GTA fans across platforms can only hope and wait.

Watch MrBossFTW's GTA 5 gameplay below.