'GTA 5' Weird Facts, Part One

David Cornell

GTA 5 has some weird facts, and in part one of this list of mind-blowers, we will show you some of the crazier parts of the game's physics. Yes, physics actually work on the most part, though sometimes, the rules can still be broken.

One of the physics breaking facts in the game revolves around falling from high places. If you activate the special ability, you can unequip the parachute and survive a multistory fall off a tall building. Oddly, wearing a parachute doesn't save you if you don't activate it in Grand Theft Auto 5.

For those daredevils out there that love to risk their lives attempting stunts that should probably get them killed like the parachute stunt above, you can also try outdoing the infamous Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life scene and instead of punching the shark, you can use your knife and kill it as it swims by. You'll know you were successful if the shark stops swimming and doesn't come back to exact revenge for your attempt on its life. This GTA 5 weird fact can be a deadly one to test, but it works.

At the beginning of Grand Theft Auto 5, there is a strange Easter Egg (hidden item) that you might miss if you don't pretty much go out of your way to see it. As you're driving away on the snowy banks in the prologue, take a detour just before the bridge and stop next to it on the ice. Get out and look down, and you might just see what looks like one of H.R. Giger's aliens from the sci-fi horror series frozen in the ice.

Driving with the car on fire is never healthy, but there is a way to put the fire out that messes with physics just a little bit. Find a shallow body of water and drive through it enough, and the fire will go right out. This might not work if the engine is on fire, though, but you can still try it.

Speaking of water, did you know that if you throw a sticky bomb at a burst fire hydrant, it'll detonate instantly?

There is a way to evade the police that might not work in real life, but it works here. If you can break the line of sight and dive into a bush, the police won't find you. In a way, it looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 is taking a queue from Assassin's Creed for this interesting tactic.

This last stunt comes almost straight out of a James Bond movie, but it works. You can land a helicopter on a 747 passenger plane, enter the plane, and fly it from there.

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What do you think of these physics-defying stunts and weird facts from GTA 5?