Jeremy Jackson Arrested: Former ‘Baywatch’ Star Accused Of Stabbing In Twisted Assault Case

The actor who played “Hobie” on Baywatch, Jeremy Jackson, was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man over the weekend. Jackson, 34, is now facing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jeremy Jackson was arrested after the stabbing victim told authorities that his attacker was Hobie. Jackson, who also uses the last name Dunn, played the character of Hobie Buchannon on the show. Hobie was the son of David Hasselfhoff’s character Mitch on the ’90s television show.

Reports indicate that a man said on Friday, April 24 that he was stabbed and he went to a Los Angeles hospital with a wound to his left upper torso. The alleged assailant had fled the scene, but the victim identified his attacker by the Baywatch character’s name.

On Saturday, authorities received a report that there was a potential prowler in the same area where the stabbing had been. When police stopped the potential prowler, they found it to be Jackson. Jeremy Jackson was then arrested.

For his part, TMZ reports that Jackson says the stabbing was done in self-defense. It seems that Jeremy had rented an Airbnb where all of this took place and he threw a party with some women. He alleges that a guy showed up and stole about $2,300 and assaulted him.

Jackson claims that then a woman at the party said she knew a guy who could help recover the money. However, the guy she had show up then allegedly tried to rob Jackson as well. The former Baywatch star says the guy pulled a gun, and that’s when he stabbed the guy.

In reference to the supposed prowling, Jackson says that he went back to the Airbnb to get some of this belongings and had to break in to retrieve them, which is what led to the police being called. According to the Daily News, Jackson’s lawyer says his client is innocent of the charge brought against him. Jeremy was released from jail Saturday afternoon on $30,000 bail related to the alleged assault, and police determined that there was not enough evidence of a burglary to charge him in that incident.

This isn’t the first spell of trouble that Jackson has had over the years. Jeremy participated in Celebrity Big Brother not long ago, but it didn’t go smoothly. As was reported by the Inquisitr at the time, had a challenging interaction with housemate Chloe Goodman that led to accusations and his departure from the show.

Jackson left Baywatch after several seasons on the show due to addiction issues. As Access Hollywood shared some time back, Jeremy had a difficult battle against addiction, dealing with marijuana, alcohol and methamphetamine during his most difficult days. At the time he chatted with Access Hollywood, he said he had been clean and sober for more than a decade. He went on to participate in Celebrity Rehab, though, due to an addiction to human growth hormones.

Jeremy Jackson’s arrest seems to be simply the latest in a long line of troubles for the former Baywatch star, and many will be curious to see how this one plays out.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]