May 17, 2017
'The Voice' Top 6 Predictions: Prepare To Say Goodbye To A Front-Runner

After tonight's episode of The Voice, you'll want to check that all the furniture is nailed to the floor in order to keep from throwing something out a window. Yes, it's THAT part of the season. The Voice audience has made controversial saves already, but this one is really going to hurt.

The iTunes voting (where purchasing a contestant's song counts as a vote) is winding down, and certain Voice contestants are trailing that you probably wouldn't expect. And one is safe that probably shouldn't be. When mediocre contestants are protected by votes, it means that inevitably a front-runner leaves the show in a shocking elimination.

Before getting to the singers in danger, let's touch on the few who are safe.

At the top of the list (once again) is 16-year-old Sawyer Fredericks. There have been complaints that Fredericks is "overrated" and he doesn't vary his singing style enough. The truth is that Sawyer is just doing what works for him, and the Voice audience has been receptive. His take on Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" currently sits at No. 2 on iTunes. As such, he's probably not going to find himself anywhere near the bottom this week.

Also in the Top 10 on iTunes is Voice coach Adam Levine's only remaining team member Joshua Davis. His soft rock performance of the Sting single "Fields Of Gold" was well received by Voice fans. There was concern that Team Adam would be done this week. It's very likely a representative will make it into the Top 6. Davis's cover is currently at No. 7 on the main singles chart.

Finally, there's the tutu-wearing rocker Kimberly Nichole. Kimberly has been a consistent powerhouse all season long, and she seems to grow stronger on The Voice with each passing week. Her version of "Creep" may not have sat well with the notoriously pretentious Radiohead fans, but the Voice audience appreciated the vulnerability and drama she brought to her live performance. Her single is at No. 12 and it's doubtful she'll get the multiplier. However, Nichole is very likely to be representing Voice judge Christina Aguilera next week.

I will readily admit that this trio represents my stable of personal favorites for Season 8 of The Voice, so I feel like I am able to take a HUGE sigh of relief right now. But even so, my sense of fairness does make me feel a little annoyed that at least one person is going to be leaving home far sooner than they should. Especially after such great performances!

I wanted to scream when I saw that Christina Aguilera had chosen "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for India Carney. I know her Voice coach wanted her to have a moment, but this was probably the WORST possible song to choose. This was more upsetting to me than Luke Wade finally singing "Holding Back The Years" and Pharrell ruining it with that awful arrangement.

Certain songs are kryptonite to a Voice contender, and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is one of them. The song has been done to death on TV singing competitions; audiences hear it and tune right out. Something fresh and upbeat may have been better. I can't even say India is in danger because she was terrible. But there's a good chance she's leaving The Voice tonight. If so, I will blame it all on song choice.

What a roller-coaster ride for the young Koryn Hawthorne. She went from Bottom 3 fodder to "dark horse" to in danger of elimination. I actually enjoyed Koryn's "Girl On Fire" performance. It did get a little strained/pitchy in parts, but I will say there was more good than bad. In a perfect world, it would have been enough to keep her on The Voice. But The Voice is also about popularity and more popular artists will push her into the bottom three.

Meghan Linsey's place in The Voice Bottom 3 is entirely the fault of Corey Kent White. I am not even a country music fan, and I am ashamed of this potential turn of events on The Voice. As badly as I want one of the best women vocalists on this series to stay, I know that the full weight of Team Blake fans is behind White, despite his utter mediocrity.

I am predicting a bottom three of India Carney, Koryn Hawthorne, and Meghan Linsey. This means we're due an epic battle for the instant save. I think that it's going to be close, but ultimately Meghan Linsey will stay in it. This means that India Carney and Koryn Hawthorne will probably exiting The Voice tonight.

Think my predictions are way off? Who do you think will make the Bottom 3 on The Voice? Share your picks in the comments!