‘The Voice’ Top 12: These Singers Are Probably Headed Home — Here’s Why [Opinion]

NBC’s The Voice will put its Top 12 in the hands of the voting audience for the eighth time. Although not one song has been sung yet, it’s never too early to speculate about the changes of the remaining Voice hopefuls. I’m going to say off the bat that barring a couple of singers, this talent pool is rather thin, and really good singers went home far too soon. That may not bode well for ratings as The Voice progresses.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s only one country music artist left at this stage of The Voice. There was destined to be some form of backlash or push away from that direction after Craig Wayne Boyd won season 7. I said before Corey Kent White is too redundant a Voice contestant to win it for Blake a second time. Now, I revise that opinion; White isn’t as talented as the already generic Boyd, and aside from his boyish looks doesn’t have much going for him. You were robbed, Cody Wickline!

Even though I’m not that optimistic that a “star” will be born among the remaining Voice hopefuls, I think it’s safe to guess which remaining singers are destined for the bottom three. Last season, America was pretty straight forward about its feelings toward certain Voice contestants. Thankfully, the women seem to be bringing it this year and the voting Voice audience is responsive. However, looking at who was voted in and who wasn’t, it’s safe to guess that certain Voice contestants are in immediate danger.

Koryn Hawthorne was saved by Pharrell William’s gut, but once again he may have gotten it wrong. Last season on The Voice, Williams passed over the young pop singer, Elyjuh Rene, for personal favorite, Sugar Joans. She was booted from The Voice the very next week.

This season, I wouldn’t call Hawthorne a favorite, but I would say a superior singer in Caitlin Caporale was let go. The only explanation for this move is that it’s pure strategy. It’s likely Pharrell worried that Caitlin and Mia Z would split votes, and both be in danger of going home. With a front-runner in Sawyer Fredericks, he may feel confident that his decision won’t come back to bite him. Hopefully, he’s learned from his previous mistakes and will not make terrible song choices (or arrangements) that help doom his young Voice team.

Perhaps a weaker link than Koryn at this stage is Deanna Johnson. Personally, I like her; she reminds me of Cher. But vocally, she’s the weakest woman at this stage. Hannah Kirby and her quirky dancing have gifted her a solid fan base and every other woman left can out-sing Johnson. That leaves the male Voice participants.

Of all the guys in the Top 12 on The Voice, the most vulnerable to being voted off would be Rob Taylor. It isn’t necessarily because he’s a bad singer. His range, particularly his falsetto, is impressive. It’s just doubtful he’s had a chance to accumulate enough of a following to compete with more popular contestants. I kind of wish they would have changed up Taylor’s hairstyle sooner. That probably sounds shallow, I firmly believe every little thing helps keep one out of the bottom three.

Speaking of The Voice‘s bottom three, you’re probably looking at it.

Rob Taylor, Deanna Johnson, and Koryn Hawthorne all will likely be the ones to sing for their lives. However, one will survive to the Top 10. I suspect Koryn Hawthorne is leaving The Voice no matter what. Between Rob and Deanna, it may come down to popularity more so than singing ability. Even though Rob can sing better than Deanna, it’s important Deanna was voted into the Top 12.

Who do you think will make up the bottom three this week? Do you think I’m on target as to who will be leaving The Voice? If not, I’d love to hear your opinions.

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube (1, 2, 3)]