St. Catherine Residents Angry After Pregnant 12-Year-Old’s Decomposed, Nude Body Found In Bushes, Sets Her Family’s House On Fire


St. Catherine residents set a family’s house on fire after learning missing 12-year-old Jameila “Zella” Johnson’s — who was pregnant — decomposed, nude body was found dumped in the bushes near a river, according to Jamaica Observer.

Jameila was last seen running out of the house after asking her grandmother for toilet paper Tuesday night. Apparently, she was on her way to use the lavatory, which was located outside. When she didn’t return, her family reported her missing the very same day, and a search team was formed.

12-year-old Jameila Johnson. RIP!

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The search team went in search of the missing 12-year-old girl for the next three days.

“Reports we received is that the last time the child was seen at home was on Tuesday night. She left her home to go outside to use an outside bathroom,” said the St. Catherine police officials.

The three day search for Jameila came to an end when her decomposed, naked body was discovered on Wednesday near a river in her hometown of Williamsfield, Jamaica.

It appeared she suffered from multiple stab wounds to the body just before someone dumped her naked body in the bushes.

It was later uncovered that the 12-year-old girl was pregnant, but it had not been confirmed by a physician. An autopsy was to be performed Saturday to confirm her pregnancy, as well as uncover the truth behind her death.

St. Catherine residents immediately became irate at the thought of a child being pregnant, stabbed to death, and then dumped in the bushes. So, they came together and set the child’s house on fire, which was owned by her mother and grandmother.

The community blames Jameila’s death on her family, claiming it was a result of neglect.

Jameila’s mother and grandmother were in the house while it was ignited, but they safely made it out. However, the people in the community stood outside of the house as it was engulfed in flames. As the mother and grandmother exited their burning home, they were attacked.

When police officials arrived at the scene, they had to escort the mother and grandmother out of the community.

According to Jamaica Gleaner, the Jamaica Labour Party stated the number of children being murdered in Jamaica is at a “crisis level.” Johnson Smith stated “time for issuing press releases expressing condolences are over and that strong and consistent action is needed.”

Three of the girls’ relatives — whose names have not been released to the public — were taken into custody for questioning in connection to the murder of Jameila Johnson.