See Why This 4-Year-Old Little Girl's Dance Moves Landed Her On 'The Ellen Show' Three Times [Video]

Heaven King is an internet sensation with her impressive dance moves. The videos of the little girl dancing have been viewed millions of times and has landed her on the Ellen Show an impressive three times.

Heaven King recently made her first music video to the song "Watch Me" by Silento. The little girl "Whips It" and does the "Nae Nae" with the best of them, despite only being four-years-old. In her music video, little Heaven can be seen rolling up to her dance location in a tiny pink Escalade while onlookers snap photos of the adorable girl.

Heaven pulls out some of her best moves in the video, which is choreographed by her mother, and has some pretty amazing little backup dancers to help her along the way. The video that caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres was filmed when Heaven was just two-years-old. At three, Heaven appeared on the show for the first time after her viral Beyoncé video hit the web.

In her first interview with Ellen, the comedian asks if the little girl wants to be a dancer when she grows up and she responds matter-of-factly that she "is a dancer." Ellen quickly notes "my bad," and moves on claiming the tiny dancer is already a star. However, since her multiple appearances on the Ellen Show, Heaven has turned into YouTube celebrity.

Her latest music video has already been viewed over 500,000 times in just four days.

What do you think of four-year-old Heaven King's dance moves? Is Heaven well on her way to a professional dance career?