Russian Twerking Videos Get Three Women Sent To Jail [Video]

If you want to twerk in Russia and film it in a video, you might go to jail for the twerking offense. Three women have been sentenced to jail due to their twerking video at a World War II memorial, reports the BBC News. One of the women was a 19-year-old, while the other two were listed as being in their 20s -- with two of them receiving a sentence of 10 days in the clinker for their twerk dances, while the other got 15 days in jail, and two more were hit with fines.‎

The fact that the videos showed the three women twerking next to a monument that commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Russian Allies' war victory is what upset officials, reported ABC News. The Russian court in Novorossiysk charged the twerking offenders with "petty hooliganism" and called their twerk dance erotic, sexual, and disrespectful to the history and memory behind the monument.

The charge of "hooliganism" has been used in the past, when a couple of members of the controversial punk rock group called Pussy Riot were sentenced to prison for two years after a protest at the main cathedral in Moscow also went viral online back in 2012. Those in the Novorossiysk twerking situation said that one of the girls shown in the video that was underage would have charges pressed against her parents -- because they claim the mother and father failed to raise their child in a manner that urges morality.

It wasn't the first twerking scandal to befall Russia in the past few weeks. Not only were the three women in question jailed for their twerk dancing near the Black Sea monument, but there has also been a probe launched into another YouTube video that has gone viral, showing dance school girls in Orenburg twerking in a sexually provocative manner.

The girls were dressed in yellow and black striped leotards like bees, ones that took the stage after a character supposedly dressed as Winnie the Pooh looked in his bucket for missing honey. The school had been closed for a period of time while those in authority nearby the Kazakh border mandated that all of the schools in the nearby region be inspected.

As reported by the Inquisitr, twerking is nothing new, and attributed to one of the reasons why butt implants are surging in popularity. However, with all the controversy that has erupted with Russian officials sending twerking dancers to jail, expect this topic to continue in the news.

[Image via YouTube]