Fisherman Takes On A Gang Of Fox-Killing Thugs And Saves Young Cub From Being Kicked To Death

A hero fisherman has saved a young fox from being viciously killed after single-handedly fighting off a gang of cowardly thugs.

The thugs, who moments before had just shot the fox's mother, were hell-bent on kicking the defenseless, cowering and extremely frightened cub to death, but failed to reckon on the intervention of the Good Samaritan.

The big-hearted angler, who wishes to remain nameless, was returning home from a night of fishing in the early hours of Sunday when he spotted a chaotic commotion next to a "lamping truck" on the pitch-black country lanes near Framlingham, Suffolk.

The self-confessed "lifelong countryman" explained how although he was familiar with the process of lamping, a controversial and vicious method of hunting wildlife in darkness using a bright light, he was still alarmed at what was taking place.

"If you have to kill then do it humanely. I decided to ask them what they were doing. We got into a dispute over the way he was going about his business and I was informed I was interfering and should go away."
The gang of thugs, who moments before had shot dead the fox cub's mother, then returned their attention to the defenseless cub who lay quivering just inches from the body of her dead mom.

The courageous wildlife-lover decided enough was enough.

"The fox was very distressed. You cannot look into the eyes of something like that and let it be kicked to death."
The have-a-go-hero threw caution to the wind and waded into the fracas to save the fox cub.

The Mirror reports the the fisherman risked his own life to intervene and was assaulted himself.

Yet fortune favors the brave, and the fisherman managed to return to his car with the cub and before taking her home, wrapping her in a duvet with a teddy bear and hoping that the poor, traumatized creature would be alright.

Hours later, local animal sanctuary, Foxy Lodge were alerted and the cub was transferred to their care and treated for suspected internal injuries.

Despite her ordeal, the fox cub is now believed to be making a strong recovery John Garner, of Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue Centre at Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, has hailed the hero fisherman for his actions.

"He was either very brave or very foolish.I'm not sure I would have stopped in the middle of the night."

"There was a bit of a scuffle and they exchanged punches but he was determined to get the cub. If that was someone's puppy everyone would be going mad.It is, however, a very good outcome. The little cub is a tiny, beautiful little baby."

"This bloke deserves a medal."

As for the fisherman, like all true heroes, he remains incredibly modest about what he did.
"It's been said I'm the hero of the hour, but I just do not see any need for that level of cruelty."