Mother Turns Son Into Police After Seeing Him On Surveillance Tape Beating Up Woman On Train

According to the Chicago Tribune, a mother turned in her 15-year-old son to police after seeing a surveillance tape of him brutally beating and sexually assaulting a woman on a Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line train.

The whole incident was caught on the train’s video tape. After the photos of the assault were released to the public, the boy’s mother recognized him. She confronted her son and then took him to authorities when she had no doubt he had committed the horrible crime.

NBC News reported that DeShawn Isabelle, a 15-year-old middle school student, issued a handwritten confession admitting to beating and robbing the woman on the train.

According to the surveillance tape and Isabelle’s confession, the 41- year-old woman boarded the train at the Oak Park station at 3:10 p.m. on Monday. She entered a car where Isabelle was the only passenger. When the woman sat down, Isabelle attacked her from behind and began punching her in the head. He grabbed her by her long hair and pulled her to the floor where she crouched in a fetal position to protect herself as Isabelle repeatedly punched her in her face and on her head.

On the tape, the teen can be seen groping the woman, sexually assaulting her, and sitting on her head as he beat her. Isabelle pressed his knees on the woman and kept her from leaving the train when it stopped.

According to the police report, Isabelle stole $2,000 in cash the woman had planned to wire back to her family in Southeast Asia. He also stole her iPhone, which was later recovered.The woman stood up once Isabelle left the train, but he put his head back in the train and warned her to stay put and keep her mouth shut. When the train started to move again, the woman pulled the emergency button and was helped by CTA personnel.

The middle schooler used the stolen money to buy Air Jordan track suits and junk food. He shared some of the money with his friends. Isabelle was charged as an adult and held on $1 million bail on felony charges of aggravated sexual assault and robbery. Since the boy is a middle school student, the burden is on his mother to come up with money. Being so close to Mother’s Day, this was not the gift she wanted from her son.

Even though Isabelle’s mother turned in her own son, she was upset when Assistant State’s Attorney Joe DiBella spoke to the media following the teen’s bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building. Isabelle’s mother shouted at DiBella as he read the prosecution’s version of the case at the press conference.

DiBella gave a report about the victim. He said the 41-year-old woman suffered a concussion and cuts and bruises all over her body.

[Image via Chicago Police Department]