WWE News: Ric Flair Believes Daughter Charlotte Could Give Ronda Rousey A Challenge

Wrestling legend Ric Flair has never been one to put a filter on his thoughts, and Flair threw out an interesting thought during a recent interview with WrestlingNews.co. Flair was asked about a possible match between his daughter, Charlotte of NXT, and Ronda Rousey of UFC fame.

“Let’s do it, man, that’s what I want to see. Charlotte’s not afraid to get in there. In all fairness, if she had a year to train, I’m not saying Ashley would win by any means, but if she had a year to get ready for it, it wouldn’t end in round one. I’ll predict that. It wouldn’t be a 14-second tap out. Ashley would need to learn submission wrestling but Ashley is strong beyond belief. Today, think about it right, she could do 30 front-handed pull-ups and 100 push-ups. She can run at level nine for an hour on a treadmill and she weighs 155 pounds with three-percent body fat.”

The interviewer (Greg Beck) asked Flair about the match being a prospective dream bout for WrestleMania 33 in 2017, however Flair’s answer appeared to address the question as a possible MMA-style bout.

During the interview, Flair was also asked about whether or not he considers himself an MMA fan. He noted that he is when Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, or Jon Jones fight, but outside of those fighters, he doesn’t really consider himself a fan.

Flair was also asked about whether or not Charlotte is ready to be brought up to the main roster, and Ric was quite direct with his answer.

“My daughter is the best athlete in the company, man or woman. She’s been ready for six months. You ever watch her work…you tell me. She’s been ready for six months, I don’t know what the deal is.”

Charlotte has been rumored to be called up to the main roster for several months now, yet the move has not been made. Charlotte is currently part of WWE’s NXT developmental brand, where she served as NXT Women’s Champion for several months prior to recently losing the championship to Sasha Banks.

Ronda Rousey, a big WWE fan, recently appeared at WrestleMania 31, where she was involved in an in-ring segment with The Rock, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon. Rousey is being heavily rumored for another WWE appearance in the future and perhaps even a match at WrestleMania 32. Rousey recently told Roddy Piper on a podcast appearance that she wants to find a way to return to WWE, despite UFC President Dana White calling her appearance at WrestleMania 31 a “one and done.”

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