March 16, 2020
Cindy Prado Soaks Up The Sun In A Skimpy Tie-Dye Bikini

Model Cindy Prado was a sight to behold in her latest Instagram update, which saw her wearing an itty-bitty tie-dye bikini. The beauty looked like she didn't have a care in the world as she soaked up the sun on Miami Beach.

Cindy's update was a collection of seven pictures that showed her flaunting her curves in the two-piece. The swimsuit was dyed with navy and light blue colors. She wore the top upside down -- with the neck straps tied around her waist -- for a unique look. The bottoms were a classic string style, showing off plenty of skin. She also wore a large, white coverup loosely around her elbows, giving the outfit a feminine vibe.

The stunner struck several different poses in the photos, which showed her from the front. The first snap captured Cindy from up close, showing off her cleavage and flat abs.

In the second image, the model posed on her knees as she gave the camera a sultry look. The pose highlighted her toned thighs and shapely shoulders.

Cindy was sitting on a towel with her legs extended in front of her in the third photo. She leaned back on one arm and placed her other hand near her face as she looked at something off to the side.

The fourth snapshot closed in on her chest and abs as she tugged at the strings on the bikini bottoms. It also gave her followers a nice look at her cleavage in the bikini top.

In the fifth picture, Cindy was on her knees, looking down as she held a straw sun hat in her hands.

She was smiling big in the sixth image as she extended her arms out to her sides. The snap caught her from a side angle, showing off the curve of her hips.

The beauty struck a sexy pose in the seventh photo, which captured her leaning back on one hand while her other rested on her knee. She sat on one side of her hip, flaunting her hourglass shape.

In the caption, she said she was isolated in the sand.

Many of her followers seemed delighted with the snap and raved over how hot she looked in the bikini.

"You're gorgeous," one Instagram user wrote.

"You are looking more and more beautiful," a second fan told her.

"Sexy and provocative in a good way," quipped a third admirer.

This is hardly the first time Cindy wowed her fans in a bikini on the beach. Not too long ago, she flaunted her curves in a pink two-piece while lounging by the ocean.