Woman Wakes From Coma Just Prior To Removal Of Life Support

Teri Roberts, a 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Nebraska, cheated death, but not by much. After being in a coma with her odds of living spiraling downward for 12 long days, NY Daily News reports that Roberts’ family had sadly made the decision to remove her life support. Just a mere four hours prior to that fateful moment, a miracle took place when Teri opened her eyes, awakening from her coma.

Teri’s son, Ryan Roberts, 35, spoke at a press conference last week where he recalled that unexpected blissful moment their family calls a Christmas miracle on December 22, as reported by Yahoo! News.

“She just magically woke up. Literally four hours before we moved to take her off life support.”

Teri became ill on December 12 with what was believed to have been the flu. However, the sudden bacterial infection was then diagnosed as streptococcal toxic-shock syndrome, which sent her into a coma.

The doctors at Methodist Physicians Clinic did not believe that Roberts would ever recover from the coma. They also knew that if Teri did survive the coma, she would have to face a grim realization. According to Yahoo! News, the medical staff determined that Teri’s hands and feet would need to be amputated in order to save her organs.

That surgery took place on January 10, and Teri is facing a long road of recovery ahead of her. Her family and friends say she is in good spirits in spite of the road ahead of her. Teri told her family, “I’m just letting the other people finally catch up to me!”

Ryan revealed that Teri is determined to walk and drive again and get back to as normal a life as possible. In order to help her achieve this goal, her family has created a website to raise at least $25,000 to help cover medical costs and prosthetics.

The GoFundMe website has already raised $18,000 towards the goal, and states that, “Teri has a long road ahead of her, yet her spirit is awesome! She believes that everything happens for a reason and we just don’t know what it is yet.”

Thankful for his mom’s gift of life, Ryan admits at the press conference, “I gave up on my mom, and she didn’t give up on herself.”

Photo Credit: GoFundMe.com