Child Abuse: What Thomas Wimer Allegedly Did To His Girlfriend’s Son Was Brutal

A West Virginia man has been charged with child abuse after he targeted his girlfriend’s son with a series of brutal treatments. WSAZ News reports that 28-year-old Thomas Wimer is accused of beating and smothering a young boy who has not been identified in media reports. The details of this case are heartbreaking, but it’s thanks to the bravery of the young victim that the accused abuser was arrested and removed from the home before the abuse could escalate any further.

Wimer was reportedly living with his girlfriend, who worked out of the home during the time of the alleged abuse. The woman entrusted the 28-year-old live-in boyfriend to babysit her two young sons while she worked during the day. Officers in Kanawha County say that the mother was supposedly unaware of the abuse that one of her son’s had been taking from her boyfriend. Reports also seem to indicate that only one of the children were abused, and not both.

Apparently CPS had been involved in investigating possible child abuse after they were notified by the child’s school of injuries that were found consistent with child abuse. When the boy was asked about his injuries he opened up and revealed that his mother’s boyfriend had been violently abusing him over a course of an unknown span of time. The child made multiple statements that illustrated the various ways Thomas Wimer allegedly abused him. The child told authorities that Wimer would punch him in the stomach and pick him up by his feet before dropping him onto his toys in his bedroom. He said that the man would also bend his legs and feet over his head to hurt him and make his stomach hurt. He said that when Wimer would do these things, he had a hard time breathing.

Most disturbing, the boy claims that Thomas Wimer has tried to smother him more than once. During the many statements given by the young child, he shared that his mother’s boyfriend used both pillows and his bare hands in the attempts.

“One time he covered my face with a pillow and held his hand over my mouth.”

The mother of the allegedly abused child was made aware of the abuse on Thursday when Wimer was reported to police. She told authorities that she kicked him out of her house when she was notified of the abuse. The mother, Ashley Lovejoy, took to her public Facebook profile to declare that Thomas would never be able to harm her children again.

Thomas Wimer arrested on Thursday.

WCHS News 8 reports that Wimer is currently being held on $15,000 bond at the South Central Regional jail.

[Photo: Mugshot photo/West Virginia Regional Jail]