Actor Diogo Morgado, Who Played Jesus In ‘The Bible,’ Now Plays The Devil In ‘The Messengers’

You might remember the actor who played the part of Jesus in History channel’s 2013 miniseries The Bible. Now he stars in another series, but this time he plays a character that is quite the opposite. ABC reports that Diogo Morgado went from playing Jesus to playing the devil in another television series.

Morgado, 34, says it was a true blessing and an honor to play the part of Jesus in The Bible miniseries. People would stop him on the street and touch him just as people touched Jesus in the Bible. It made Morgado feel good to have that association with people.

Since Morgado is playing the devil in his new role, he is wondering if his character will have the opposite reaction from people.

The Messengers airs on the CW channel on Friday at 9 p.m. It is a spooky new sci-fi series filmed in the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. A mysterious object crashes to earth and kills five strangers. They awaken to supernatural powers and become connected with one another to prevent the apocalypse with help from the devil.

In a recent interview, Morgado talked about his new television series and character.

“We’re using the Book of Revelation and the Bible as a background for sure, but it’s a wild imitation of the Bible. The five angels of the apocalypse, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the fact that I play the devil, you know, all of that is coming out of the Bible and the Book of Revelation but as a background, you know? Ultimately it’s a show about our human condition. Our own perspective of good and evil and our own perspective of what’s the right thing to do under certain circumstances.

Us Magazine reports that Morgado said The Messengers is a series about morality that is not necessarily in line with the rest of CW’s superhero and supernatural programming.

“It’s about shifting our perspective of good and evil, right and wrong, and showing us that we can do stuff that we’re not even aware that we can do sometimes, for good and for bad.”

Morgado believes viewers want to see something different. He mentioned The Fast and the Furious as an example of a different type of movie that fans like. He explained that when the first movie came out, people thought it was just a movie about cars. Now, there have been seven movies. Morgado concludes about The Messengers, “We might be on to something.”

Have you seen The Messengers that premiered on April 17? If not, do you place to see Morgado in his role as the devil?

[Image via Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images]