Jeb Bush Weight Loss Success Powered By Low-Carb Paleo Diet: 'I Am Always Hungry'

Jeb Bush is gaining attention by winning at weight loss. The politician chose a low-carb Paleo diet in his determination to avoid the overweight Southerner stereotype, reported Esquire.

Bush has lost 30 pounds since he revealed his new political aspirations in December 2014. But how does weight loss fit into the equation of political success? It just might be the path to encouraging the American voter to think of him as more approachable in an era where more people are trying to eat right.

In addition, pointed out the New York Times, Bush's Republican rivals tend to be both younger and slimmer, making weight loss seem almost like a mandate of the people.

As for his diet specifics, Jeb isn't enjoying the Paleo diet guidelines, which require him to avoid temptations such as doughnuts and Southern fried chicken. He also has eliminated dairy, sugar, and most processed carbohydrates.

"I am always hungry," he confessed when asked if dieting has shrunk his stomach.

Jeb is an anomaly in his family. Both his brother and father are slim, but Jeb has battled the bulge for years, using weight loss methods ranging from the high fat ketogenic Atkins diet to stair-climbing.

"He's been very open about his own struggles," complimented celebrity chef Art Smith.

"It's really working," declared Bush adviser Al Cardenas.

Jeb has purchased new attire to match his slimmer figure. In addition to his caveman diet crusade, he exercises daily.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jeb's son George P. Bush persuaded his father to consider the caveman diet, revealed a source.

Paleo diet guru Loren Cordain views it as a healthy lifestyle.

"More power to him," praised Loren in learning about Jeb's decision. "Paleo is all about health and well being for all of us."

In deciding to win his weight loss war, Jeb joins many other politicians on the slim-down trail to winning the race.

When ex-Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee tried to earn the Republican nod in 2008, he shed 100 pounds. Also highly publicized was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's weight loss surgery, which has resulted in a slow but steady weight loss.

In addition, Hillary Clinton has been dieting to try to show that she is more energized than her critics think, because a slimmer figure is associated with vigor, say experts. She's on a low-carb diet, which her husband Bill Clinton also follows after a temporary experiment with a vegan diet.

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