‘The Good Wife’ Spoilers: What Can Fans Expect As Kalinda Sharma’s Departure Looms?

Just a few episodes of The Good Wife remain in Season 6, and fans know that the groundwork is being laid for the departure of Kalinda Sharma. As much as fans hate to see it happen, Archie Panjabi has decided to move on to new adventures. What Good Wife spoilers are available regarding her exit?

Little is specifically detailed regarding Kalinda’s departure in the remaining Good Wife spoiler synopsis descriptions available via TV Guide. There are new episodes slated to air on April 26, May 3, and then the Season 6 finale on May 10, but so far much of the emphasis appears to be on Alicia’s resignation as State’s Attorney and her new cases.

Showrunners Michelle and Robert King chatted with TVLine about Panjabi’s exit and teased a bit about what viewers can expect to see happen. Of course, specific details will remain under wraps for now. However, the Kings do admit that so far this season, the character has been more down and stressed than usual, given the scenarios she’s been juggling.

Despite that, fans will see a “renewed Kalinda” before she departs. The Kings tease Good Wife spoilers that there is action ahead for Kalinda, and they remind fans that she always lands on her feet. Hopefully, that means there won’t be a horrific death ahead like what happened when Josh Charles shocked everybody and left the role of Will Gardner.

There’s been little action between Alicia and Kalinda this season, something fans miss. Do viewers get some great scenes between those two characters before Panjabi leaves? The Kings won’t reveal anything on that front, but they do tease that there may be a few twists ahead as this all plays out.

Many have been worried that Kalinda’s departure would be heartbreaking and ugly, perhaps related to Bishop given the favors she’s owed him. Of course, there has also been the metadata mess that could have led to dire consequences for Sharma.

TVLine and the Kings tease that fans should be a bit nervous about that May 10 finale, and it seems that Cary, Diane, and Kalinda will all be in precarious positions. Will Kalinda’s departure come as a way to keep Cary and Diane safe and out of legal trouble? Many have suspected that may be the way this plays out.

Tune into the final three episodes of The Good Wife Season 6 as they air on CBS over the next three Sunday nights. The show will be back with Season 7 in the fall, though without Archie Panjabi in the role of Kalinda Sharma, much to the dismay of viewers.

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