Ken Karpman: from Hedge Fund CEO to Pizza Driver

Meet Ken Karpman. The UCLA MBA graduate is a former hedge fund CEO earning $750,000 a year. During his glory days, he traveled the world, purchased a huge house, and spent up big. One small problem though: he forgot to save for a rainy day. In 2005, wanting even more money, he tried to set up his own hedge fund using equity in his house, and then lost it all as the market crashed.

People losing their jobs and homes isn’t a big story in the United States today, but as Ken Karpman told ABC, its what he was willing to do next that has gained attention.


Ken Karpmans new job: pizza driver at $7.29/ hour plus tips. Although the media attention seems to be more a look at me, I want a better job ploy, you’ve got to hand it to the guy, swallowing your pride is something he has most definitely mastered. ABC News has the full interview here.