Louis Tomlinson Causes Stir With Floppy Member In Soccer Shorts: Viral Video Leaves Nothing To Imagination

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction might be a very good soccer player. It’s certainly possible: the 23-year-old singer is lithe and young and strong. But most women wouldn’t know if he was good at soccer, even after seeing footage of him playing the cardiac-intensive sport. They may have watched it again and again and still have no idea about his soccer prowess. That’s because their attention has been diverted to something more interesting: his very evident penis, flopping around in white soccer shorts, and it has made for very fertile material on social media. It’s not clear if the One Direction singer was aware just how floppy things were getting, but he surely seemed to be having a good time.

According to Hollywood Life, Louis is single and interested in dating. So it’s quite possible he was aware that he was making a big scene — literally. Vine, YouTube, and Twitter has gone nuts over his noticeably large manhood. While there’s certainly nothing that prohibits a freely moving penis, some wonder if the footage is appropriate, as most of One Direction fans are young ladies (and young men) that are under the age of eighteen. Regardless, they have a pretty good idea of what lies under his shorts now — and the internet seems to by far and large (excuse the pun) approve.

This isn’t the first time Louis has caused a stir — he might be a bit of a bad boy, which seems to add to his appeal even more. He was recently caught drunk and smoking, neither of which can be conducive for singing or for soccer, but nobody really seems to mind much. They’re too mesmerized by the video.

One Direction has a history of giving the world up close and personal penis encounters. Bandmate Harry Styles, 21-years-old, apparently leaked a picture of his penis to the world when he was just seventeen, and he did it on purpose, according to pal Ed Sheeran. It was a full frontal nude in front of a mirror, and was absolutely on purpose, Sheeran notes.

One Direction is a top pop boy band that sends many young (and not so young) people sighing with adoration in their wake. This video clip is sure to do nothing except increase the love.

Of interest, it’s notable that many soccer players do not have so much action in their pants while playing the game. Perhaps this is due to undergarments and protective wear, but Louis was apparently not made privy to their secret. We doubt many are complaining, but just the same, unprotected genitalia on a soccer field may not result as beautifully as this experience did.

Readers, what do you think? Was the very visible penis on purpose?

[Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.co.uk]