‘Marvel Heroes’ Action RPG Updating Soon With Playable Vision, New ‘Age Of Ultron’ Mode

Marvel Heroes, the action RPG from Gazillion Entertainment, is keeping up nicely with Marvel Universe developments. The free-to-play title which recently reinvented itself and is now known as Marvel Heroes 2015 stays current with a healthy stream of new content every month. Mostly, that content comes in the form of a new hero to play, but a little more than a new playable character is releasing this month. On the schedule this month is a playable Vision character and a new Age of Ultron mode.

In tandem with the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the game is getting a new mode sharing the same name and a playable Vision character. IGN got a sneak peek of the upcoming content and covered most of what players can expect when the update launches at the end of the month.

Vision, like all heroes in Marvel Heroes, has access to three separate power trees. Players can freely spend their power points, earned while leveling up and for completing certain quests, among the three trees. Vision will be able to take control of a robotic enemy permanently to make use of it as pet in one tree. That makes him a summoner class, but he does not have to be. He can also specialize in brawling or pure ranged damage all the while switching between low- and high-density modes. Each mode has its own cooldowns for all of his abilities letting him juggle a number of powers just by activating and deactivating either mode.

“So you can burn all your cooldowns in low density, switch to high to burn all those, and then switch back as your first set is ready again. This makes Vision really dynamic to play.”

The new Age of Ultron mode in Marvel Heroes is content meant to be played by a group of five players. This objective-based PvE content lets players defeat a plethora of robotic enemies leading up to a fight with Ultron. As ComicVine points out, Ultron Sentries will also show up in other portions of the game letting all players experience his attacks.

Marvel Heroes
Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision in Marvel Heroes

This update for Marvel Heroes will also include a revamped playable Scarlet Witch, new costumes to purchase for all of the Avengers, a new Quicksilver team-up, and the redesigned team-up system might be implemented. The updates will start rolling out on April 24 with most of the tie-in content to Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron content releasing closer to the movie’s May 1 premiere.

The Inquisitr recently covered another Marvel Heroes tie-in to the Marvel Universe. The game updated just weeks ago with a new Daredevil costume and Daredevil event to celebrate the release of the Daredevil show on Netflix. The festivities were accompanied by a sale on other Marvel Knights found within the game.

Are you looking forward to the new content coming to Marvel Heroes?

[Images via Comic Vine]