Halal Goes Beyond Food As A Halal Sex Shop Is About To Open Up In Mecca

For Muslims, anything done has to be permissible in Islam to do so. This is known as Halal, and for most people, it is usually associated with the consumption of food and drink. Also, it is being incorporated more in non-Muslim countries. The Inquisitr has reported mostly on how it is received among non-Muslim citizens (which is reportedly unfavorable). For example, Australian politician Pauline Hanson has called Halal a “money-making racket that funds terrorism.” That is civilized, compared to a man who plastered supermarket chickens with stickers that said “Halal Is Barbaric.”

Halal is a term that, though known for food and beverage, actually extends to all facets of a Muslim’s life, including relationships and sexual intimacy. Reports now show that Mecca is opening up its first Halal sex shop.

According to International Business Times, a report by Alyaoum24, an Arabic news portal, provided details about a Halal sex shop opening up in the heart of Mecca. Its owner, Abdelaziz Aouragh, stated the products of the store are Halal-observant, targeting married couples to enhance their sex lives. He provided the following statement for clarification.

“Our products [do] not include inflatable dolls, but products that increase feelings of sensuality and improve the atmosphere between the couple in [their] sexual relationship.”

With the assistance of Beate Uhse, one of the largest sex product vendors in Europe, Abdelaziz Aouragh is going to sell eighteen appropriate sex toys in the Mecca store. Aouragh also hopes that through the store, the negative stereotypes about couples in Islam are changed. Many people view them as not very sexually active, with the women being repressed.

“The image of women in the kitchen with burqa is not a true picture. There is a lot of love and respect Islam has for adult women. Our store puts women at the center, offers information, and provides answers to frequently asked questions on sex.”

RYOT also followed-up on the Halal sex shop news, where they provided reference from the Koran on Islam’s sexier side. For example, there is a section that encourages husbands not to leave their wife for long, so she is not sexually neglected. As a matter of fact, there are verses that shows the importance of foreplay, too.

Though the Halal sex shop has been around since 2013, with its initial opening in Turkey, there are many other halal sex shops in existence throughout Europe, but are often discredited. There are also certain halal sex shops that have online divisions, too. El Asira is a prime example of this. The singular reason why this particular Halal sex shop is garnering such attention is the fact it is the first one in Mecca, a major religious city to Muslims.

[Image via Matt Cardy/Stringer/Getty]