USS Hartford, USS New Orleans Collide in Strait of Hormuz

Two U.S. Navy vessels have collided in the Strait of Hormuz, near the Arabian Peninsula. The USS Hartford, a submarine, crashed in the USS New Orleans amphibious ship Friday morning. No serious injuries occurred, but gallons of fuel spilled into the water.

USS Hartford and USS New Orleans Collision

The USS Hartford and the USS New Orleans ran into each other during the early morning hours, at about 1 a.m. local time. Fifteen sailors from the Hartford are reported as “slightly injured.” They have all already returned to duty.

The Navy says the USS Hartford’s nuclear propulsion plant was not damaged. The USS New Orleans, however, suffered a “ruptured fuel tank.” Because of that, 25,000 gallons of diesel fuel marine were spilled.

Military officials say both ships were on their way into port when the collision happened. The submarine was underwater at the time. An investigation is now underway.


Both the USS Hartford and the USS New Orleans are being brought in for evaluation. Their exact locations are not being revealed because of security concerns.

The Strait of Hormuz

The Strait of Hormuz is located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. It is a narrow passageway and is considered one of the most highly trafficked commercial routes for tankers carrying oil.