The Hottest Looks From Austin Fashion Week

Every year Austin, Texas holds the largest fashion event in the state, and this week marked the final runway shows of Austin Fashion Week. While the men were sporting their classic Dalys bags, the women sported some of the hottest upcoming fashions to date.

Like every fashion show, not all of the clothing is wearable in an everyday situation, but there were several prominent themes of the show that can be turned into wearable fashion anyone would envy. Here are some of the hottest looks from Austin Fashion Week.


Whether in evening wear or every day attire, textures were a big hit at the fashion event. Daniel Esquivel showed off his stunning design of a textured cocktail dress, which inspires adding more texture to any type of clothing. From fuzzy accented blouses to studded maxi dresses, texture is a major part of upcoming fashions.

Patterned Jumpers

Short rompers and long-legged jumpers are still a fashion high this year, and Anthony Ryan Auld’s Ant Hill patterned jumper was a highlight of the show. As a highly wearable fashion statement, Auld’s patterned jumper is sleeveless and ankle length. It’s a fabulous spring look and pairs perfectly with wedges or strappy heels.

Bright Blues

Ever since the beginning of the year, we’ve known that blue was a prominent color in 2015 fashion, and Austin Fashion Week didn’t disappoint. Several designers displayed ensembles of bright blues paired with neutrals. That’s something anyone can add to their wardrobe.

A Blast from the Past

Though one designer showed an incredibly futuristic, turtle-neck type shirt, a much larger theme showed much older designs, dating as far back as the Victorian era. Model’s wore 19th century travel-style jackets, frilly button up shirts, cravats, and pantaloon-style capris. The look was completed with high top, laced high-heel boots.


As another blast from the past, the 70’s style fringe look made major waves on the runway, from leather handbags to gold, metallic cocktail dresses. As Instyle reports, the fringe look can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe.


Many designers seemed to adhere to a metallic theme. Though each design had its own cut, style, and theme, it also had undertones of metallics, which gave each ensemble a shimmering, enviable look.

Maxi Dresses

Thank goodness these comfortable dresses haven’t gone away! The final runway show boasted new and improved designs of the 2014 favorite, with billowing, sheer fabrics, bright gold embellishments, and simple neutral colors and fabrics. This look is still alive and thriving in 2015.

Those are some of the most wearable trends seen in Austin Fashion Week. For an exclusive look at Bridal Fashion Week, check out this post previously posted on Inquistr.

[Image via Live Box Photo]