Earth Day 2015: ‘Earth Day’ Concert Goers, And Bill Nye, Not So Environmentally Friendly?

Earth Day, the day dedicated to every human being’s home. A day dedicated to raising awareness about protecting Earth and the environment. Earth Day 2015 was not looking so environmentally, or Earth, friendly. Some seem to celebrate in odd ways, like Kim Kardashian and her “plant selfie” in honor of Earth Day, according to the Inquisitr. Others have drawn ire for what would seem to be blatant hypocrisy.

Global Citizen Earth Day was a concert event that was created to “inspire citizens to take action to protect our planet and its people.” Well, the aftermath of that event certainly did not seem very environmentally inspiring. There was food, drink, and associated music acts, such as No Doubt, Usher, Fall Out Boy, Mary J. Blige, Train, My Morning Jacket with special guests Common, D’Banj, Fally Ipupa, VIXX, and Roy Kim.

The Daily Caller reports that the Earth Day concert goers were less than friendly to Mother Earth, as the aftermath of the day-long event was environmentally disconcerting to say the least. Photos appeared on Twitter that show a mess that was left at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Earth Day Trash

Though the Global Citizen Earth Day concert was technically a few days earlier than the official Earth Day, the messy aftermath still lingers. The digital footprint that was left behind traveled all over the Twittersphere, Fox News reported.

Earth Day Trash 2

Though the mess left behind was upsetting, and some might consider it hypocritical, the GCED attendees were not the only Earth Day fans to appear a little less than friendly to the planet. Politico reports that a certain “science guy” took a not-so-Earth-friendly jet ride with President Obama on the planet’s day.

Bill Nye, the children’s Science guy, in recent years has been a vocal climate change/global warming advocate. He has written books and spoken out on the subject, sometimes in an offensive way, as he has insulted those who do not believe in global warming. Nye excitedly tweeted that he was flying with President Obama in Airforce one on Earth Day and loved the smell of jet fuel, the Washington Times reported.

“Heading down to DC to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow with the President. We’re going to #ActOnClimate”

President Obama and Bill Nye were heading cross-country to discuss the Florida Everglades effect on climate change. One wonders what the effect of a cross-country flight has on climate change/global warming, considering his passion for such a topic.

Are Bill Nye and the Global Citizen Earth Day concert goers hypocrites? The optics do not seem to help their cause.

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[Image via Creative Commons/Twitter ]