The 'Kylie Jenner Challenge' Can Leave You With More Than A Face Hickey, Doctors Warn

Teenagers (and even some adults) are nothing if not impressionable. And while the Jenner family seems to be all over the news these days with a series of bizarre photos and topics, from Dad and former decathlon hero Bruce Jenner having the paparazzi taking pictures of him in a striped dress and speeding away on a motorcycle, an even more strange (and perhaps terrifying) trend has Jenner ties to it -- it's called the "#KylieJennerLipChallenge" and it is taking the internet and social media, like Instagram, by storm.

Kylie Jenner's famous plump pout is completely natural, she says. She claims to have had no cosmetic surgery done. What she has done is encourage people to not be afraid to experiment with their looks, but it appears that some people are taking that to heart -- and by experiment, meaning they are sticking their mouth in a shot glass or glass bottle, sucking in as much air as possible to create suction, and leaving it there until the pain is unbearable. The results are cartoonish inflated lips -- temporary, and in some cases comical, but in other cases, downright frightening. Severe facial bruising has been documented, and one man claimed he lost a portion of his lip when his glass bottle suction cup exploded. While it hasn't been proven that his injury actually occurred by taking the "Kylie Jenner Challenge," there's no doubt that such actions could lead to severe injury, doctors say.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald, based in Tampa, says that the experiment can leave permanent consequences, and not the type that teens are probably hoping for.

"They can be permanently scarred from this, ending up with blood clots in their lips for the rest of their lives. I know teenagers experiment but this could be with them for life. People want to look beautiful. I get that. A lot of my patients ask for fuller lips, but I always tell them, 'Moderation.' It needs to look natural, like you've had nothing done."
Instead, Twitter is alive with videos that show teenagers bruised, crying and even drooling after their lips are disfigured to approximately five times their normal size or more. While many of these tweets and photos are tagged "#fail," it doesn't seem to stop the influx of new participants eager to take on the challenge. Kylie Jenner may or may not have had anything done to make herself have plump lips, but it's fairly certain nothing was done with a glass bottle.

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