Bruce Jenner Filing Lawsuit After Paparazzi Catches Him At Home In A Dress?

Bruce Jenner is allegedly planning on filing a lawsuit after paparazzi snapped photos of him wearing a dress at his home in Malibu. According to Radar Online, Bruce was very upset that the paparazzi invaded his privacy, and he wants to do something about it. Sources say that Bruce is “fed up” with the constant close eye, and he is ready to take action.

“Bruce has decided to take legal action because he is fed up with the constant invasion of his privacy. Bruce chose the secluded hilltop home for a reason, to get away from the paparazzi that have hounded him for years — he was forced to call the cops on Tuesday because paps were using zoom lenses to get pictures of him in the house.”

Bruce Jenner has never stepped out in public in a dress, and that could be because he hasn’t been ready to really let himself be free. With his interview with Diane Sawyer set to air on Friday night, many feel as though Bruce is going to finally be able to live his life the way that he wants, without all of the rumors and questions following him around.

The fact that the paparazzi haven’t left him alone is really getting hard for him to handle, especially because his transition hasn’t been super easy — something that he talked about with Sawyer.

While Bruce Jenner was walking outside his home in a dress, he noticed the paparazzi, and he called the police. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bruce was concerned with the amount of paparazzi near his home. Police showed up, but determined that things were okay, and that no laws were broken. Since the pictures were sold to the New York Daily News and published, however, Bruce is reportedly ready to take more serious action.

Of course, keeping the paparazzi at bay is very difficult, and if they photographed him while they were standing on public property, it’s hard to know how that lawsuit would play out. Even still, Bruce feels as though he should not be photographed while he’s at his home. What do you think?

[Photo by Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images]