Amber Portwood Disses ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Farrah Abraham: ‘Get Over Yourself’

Amber Portwood wants her Teen Mom OG co-star, Farrah Abraham, to know she is not responsible for the show’s success. On April 22, as Abraham participated in an MTV #AskFarrah chat, Portwood took to Twitter as well, revealing the series’ ratings were a group effort.

“[Farrah Abraham] you don’t make the show and there wasn’t one for years wink wink so get over yourself sweetheart…” Amber Portwood wrote.

According to an April 22 report by Us Weekly, Amber Portwood’s tweet was in response to an interview Abraham had participated in days ago with Shane Dawson. During the Podcast, Abraham allegedly dissed Amber Portwood and her Teen Mom OG co-stars.

“The executives who had to call and say ‘We’re so sorry for letting you go.’ They had to show they made the wrong choice at first. I shine so I don’t care. Honestly, I think everyone who is successful and does work hard, that speaks for itself. They end up apologizing for nasty s—t they say so f—k ’em.”

Although Abraham also complimented Amber Portwood in the interview, claiming she was “tame,” and only went to jail because of the pressures of reality television, Amber Portwood didn’t mention that on Twitter. Instead, she simply reminded Abraham that the Teen Mom OG girls are a package deal — otherwise the show would have continued after season four in 2012, after she went to prison.

As fans will recall, Teen Mom came to an end after season four, when Amber Portwood began serving what was expected to be a 5-year prison term. Although she ultimately received an early release in November 2013, there were no talks of bringing the show back until she was released — and at that point Abraham was left out of the negotiations.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Amber Portwood and her fiancé, Matthew Baier, experienced hard times after he reportedly made contact with an ex-girlfriend. Although the issue didn’t take place recently, but rather months ago, Portwood took to Twitter to vent about the situation, claiming all men cheat on her, and tagging Baier in the message.

Eventually, the tweet was removed, and Amber Portwood shared another message with fans, which claimed she and Baier were planning to work through their issues. Still, the odd occurrence appears to be a red flag within the relationship.

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